Step onto the virtual court and become a tennis pro!

Game in a Nutshell

Designed for casual fans or aspiring pros, Tennis League VR delivers the thrill of intense rallies and the triumph of landing the perfect ace! Use real tennis techniques to dominate the leaderboards and smash the competition. Virtual champions can play solo or online across a variety of game modes.

Key features:

        • Arcade & Simulation Modes
        • Career & Custom Games
        • Online Multiplayer plus Spectator Mode
        • Dozens of exercises & Achievements
        • Avatar & Racket Customization



Tennis League VR is powered By

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Founded in 2020, Health Improvement Solutions was born based on the common vision of five entrepreneurs who have set themselves the goal of bettering people’s lives no matter how circumstances force them to a sedentary lifestyle

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AnotheReality is a start-up specialized in the development of immersive XR solutions, with a full collection of achievements: developers of the world’s first MR banking app, XR partner of several Fortune 500 companies, and member of the Y Combinator Startup School